Zyppah Review, Does this Device Work?

If you’re having a snoring problem, then Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece might be your solution. For those of you who are trying to address your snoring issue, you should first know the cause of snoring, which is the tongue movement in your mouth.

The tongue is actually a muscle. It’s relaxes during sleep. The tongue falls back within your mouth as it relaxes, which result in a blocked airway and cause snoring.

That is why every time you sleep on your back your snoring gets louder. Gravity is causing the tongue to fall back more and blocks the airway that increases the snoring.

Zyppah Snoring Mouthpiece

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Sleep Deprivation Effects

Proper sleep does not only make you feel good in the morning, yet it drastically affects your health and life! Therefore if snoring is bothering you or your loved ones, find a method to help address a few of the severe sleep deprivation side effects like Increased likelihood of weight gain and obesity, reduction of memory, potential moo disorder and depression and increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

The Zyppah Solution

ZYPPAH consists of patent-pending elastic, which holds and stabilizes your tongue – preventing the tongue from falling back in your throat and open up your airways. It also stabilizes the tongue comfortably. This will likely help your snoring problem.

How Zyppah Work vs Competitors

Zyppah isn’t just recommended by doctors yet it actually preferred by them. Not like other pricey breathing tools that would get in the way or snoring strips that are not always effective, this particular device is actually offer better results, affordable and easy to use. It’s definitely an effective and safe solution that you can trust. More infor on how Zyppah work.

Treatment of Sleep Apnea

First of all, you should know that the treatment version available online isn’t a treatment for severe sleep deprivation issue such as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a medical condition that sometimes could be the underlying cause of snoring.

Zyppah is only used to stop snoring. Yet it doesn’t necessarily treat Sleep Apnea. As with using any oral tools, it is important that you consult with your doctor to decide whether you’re simply a snorer or you actually suffer a sleep disorder issue like central sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea or even a combination of both.

Treating a sleep disorder using any OTC device without consulting with a physician could be very dangerous. We checked out the Zyppah promotional site and we could not found the term “sleep apnea” anywhere. This is because the manufacturer knows that like any other medical tool; they ought to be used just to treat correctly diagnosed medical conditions.

Comfort, Fit and Adjustability

When you take a look one of this device, you the word torture contraption might come into your mind. This is obvious because just like any other anti snoring device, it would take several days for you to get use to.

After this product introduced to the market, people who have tried the device claimed that it takes approximately a week for them to get use to it. Some people mentioned they experience jaw tenderness on the first week, though soon diminishes.

Once they have accustom to the device, users claim that it actually help address their snoring problem significantly.

Tongue Stabilizing Strap

What’s become an additional concern for many users is probably the tongue stabilizing strap behind this device. It might potentially trigger some gag reflexes.

Tongue Stabilizer on Zyppah

But you don’t need to worry about suppressing your reflex since the elastic band is placed in certain way that on most people would not affect gag reflex. As a matter a fact, there are very few complaints about this issue have emerged since the products release more than a year ago.

Boil and Bite Technology

In this Zyppah review, you will also learn the technology behind the device. The Zyppah uses commonly known boil and bite technology that create a comfortable fitting piece to contours your teeth’s surfaces.

Custom fitting the device is simple and only needs you to drop it in hot water and let it cool shortly before inserting it in your mouth. After it has been inserted, bite it down then hold to mold an impression. When the material cools off, it would retain its shape.

Fitting Procedure

When comparing it to other similar devices, the fitting procedure was somewhat similar except for the tray design. Most similar “boil and bite” devices are made with some kind of recessed tray that has walls to help guide the teeth into the right position as fitting. But the Zyppah doesn’t.

For this reason, it’s important that you read the user’s manual carefully to make sure that the first fitting is done correctly. Without recessed trays, you need to use a mirror to make sure that your lower and upper teeth are positioned in the right place before you bite down and take an impression. More detailed instructions could be found within the instruction manual.

Cleaning is Easy

Clean the device using a dental cleaning tablet every morning. After a brief soak, allow the device to air dry and it would be ready to be use once again. The relieve of snoring you would gain when you’re using the device is mostly cause by the jaw advancement feature since the strap used for stabilizing tongue might helped to certain degree. If you’re experiencing a snoring issue because of a relaxed tongue, then this device might be a great help.

Most users said that after about two weeks since they started using the device to control their snoring, they found that they could breathe freely using the open air hole that is located in the front. They also noticed that the whole profile was quite slim.

Some of the cheaper models might leave you plastic taste in your mouth, but you would not find that kind of sensation with this device. During the first 4 days of adjustment period, you would notice a little bit of soreness in your jaw when you wake up in the morning. But the soreness only happens briefly.

After several days the soreness would be completely gone. You might also experience some drooling for about 2 nights. But this would also subside eventually. Both of these side effects are normal and commonly gone after several days of use.

A good sleep is very important for optimal health. Therefore, get a Zyppah right now and stop snoring. Hopefully, this Zyppah review help you decide whether or not you need this device, or if it fits your preferences.

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