Try Yoga to Stop Snoring, Low Cost Natural Solution

Have you ever try yoga to stop snoring? If you are constantly thinking, “How do I stop snoring for once and for all effectively?” you may want to look into your daily activities and try the exercising as your solution. Yoga isn’t only good for your overall health, but it can also help you dealing with your snoring problem.

Yoga to Stop Snoring

Yoga to Stop Snoring

A Glimpse into the Issue

Snoring may be considered as a light issue that won’t harm anyone, but do you know that lots of marriages fall apart because of ‘this small issue?’ Yes, there are lots of marriages that are ruined and torn down because of snoring. So if you suffer from snoring, don’t take it for granted

When you sleep and your airway passage is being blocked or obstructed, and the tissue within your throat is vibrated, you can produce this annoying sound. Lots of people want to stop snoring, but they don’t really know how. Well, if you are physically active and you aren’t afraid about trying yoga, you may want to use the method of stop snoring with yoga.

The Core Issue

If you want to know how to stop snoring naturally while keeping your body healthy and fit at the same time, trying the alternative of stop snoring with yoga can really help. The main cause of snoring is generally the weak tissue inside the throat that is easily vibrated.

The fact that your tongue may be weak and tend to fall backward when sleeping; blocking the airway passage in the end, also contributes to the issue. You can always use stop snoring devices like snoring mouth guard (jaw retainers or tongue retainers) to help you dealing with the issue.

However those devices can only help in some condition (Learn more here). If you want to effectively treat the issue, it is better to do it from within. So how does yoga help you with the issue, anyway?


Instead of using stop snoring devices – which cost some money – why not trying chanting, instead? After all, not only it is free of charge, you can do it anytime you want and it is proven to strengthen the tissue inside the throat.

When you are chanting during some of yoga poses, you are basically doing physical exercises for the throat and strengthen it in the end. Simply hum Omm and you can see your own progress.

Simply sit on specific yoga mat, keep your back straight, and make sure that your head is on upright position. Both of your hands should rest comfortably on your knees. Relax, close your eyes, and then chant Omm loudly.

This practice may seem simple, but it requires proper management of breathing and chanting. Do this for around 15 minutes. Increase your level when you want to progress. You will realize the improvement after a while.


Although it seems like a playful act, hissing is a part of stop snoring with yoga treatment. If you want to learn how to stop snoring without involving medical treatments or medications, performing hissing action can actually help.

Also known as Ujjayi Pranayam, it is used and done to improve the capacity of your lungs as well as getting rid of any blockage on your throat. It looks simple and yet it is one of the most effective anti snoring techniques.

All you have to do is to sit in Easy Pose or Lotus Pose. Simply close your eyes and manage your breathing properly and correctly. Breathe deeply until you feel very calm and relaxed. Afterwards, inhale strongly through the nostrils, contracting the muscles around your neck.

Produce throbbing sound. Hold it for a while – be sure that you are totally comfy when doing this – and then close one nostril with your hand or finger. Exhale through the other open nostril. It will strengthen the nasal passage as well as all organs and tissues around the throat and nose. Repeat this several times. If you do this exercise at least 3 times a day, you will notice that your condition is progressing and snoring is no longer your issue.

The Lion Pose

One of the most popular yoga poses to deal with snoring is the roaring lion. You only need to sit on the mat. Make sure to do diamond pose. Be sure that your shoulders are parallel to the thighs. Put your palms on the floor and be sure that they are planted firmly between the knees.

Your fingers should be pointing inward while your wrists are pointing outwards. Lean on and then tilt your head. Make sure that when you are tilting backward, you have reached the most comfortable position. Inhale through your nostrils, let your tongue out, and then growl. Make sure that the sound is loud and stable.

Repeat this several times. If you do the technique at least 4 times a day, you will see that your condition improves greatly. If you want to stop snoring now, you can try this pose.


Meditation isn’t only about reaching relaxed and peaceful state for your conscious, but it is also about breathe control and management. When you are meditating, you focus on your breathing, accompanied by your own thought and conscious.

Not only you can slow down your metabolism and reduce stress, you can also control your breathing, which can be helpful to combat snoring. Make sure you set aside around 10 minutes a day to meditate and you won’t need to buy or use any stop snoring device.

The Bottom Line

All in all, when you want to learn how to stop snoring naturally, changing your lifestyle or engaging in yoga can really help. Of course, yoga isn’t a magical solution that can work overnight, but it is proven to help dealing with the issue effectively and naturally.

You can also expect your condition and health to improve greatly. If you are new to yoga and you are clueless, it is always better to ask for guidance from the pro.

If you want to stop snoring with yoga, make sure that you know the basic facts and the proper way. There are lots of guidance available for free and even require money (not so expensive) on the internet. Find the one that teach you how to do the exercises mentioned on this article.