Tips to Choose the Best Snoring Mouthpiece

A lot of patients have been proving that the snoring mouthpiece is a best solution among the snoring treatments available today. This fact is supported by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) guidelines and some studies (in the UK and Swiss). They said this kind of snoring device is an effective treatment for snoring. It reduces snoring loudness for 84% of 25 heavy snorers and 76% of the subjects said they were snoring on fewer nights per week.

However, there are lots of different mouthpieces for snoring available in the market nowadays. It sometimes makes people a little bit difficult to choose which snoring mouthpiece is the best for them. This kind of problem might also happen to you. Therefore, here I will give you some tips to choose the best snoring mouthpiece based on my experiences and point of view.

Tongue Retaining Snoring Mouthpiece

What to Consider when Buying Snoring Mouthpiece?

The following are some tips to choose the best snoring mouthpiece. When buying a mouthpiece makes sure it has the following requirements:

#1. Ensure it receives FDA Clearance
As we know all snoring mouthpieces are regulated by the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration). To receive FDA Clearance, a product must pass consumer safety testing. If the device receives FDA clearance or meets the FDA requirements, it means the device is safe to use and it is allowed to be released into the market.

However, the fact is there are many anti-snoring mouth guards sold online that are not cleared by the FDA, and there is no way to ensure that those products are effective or safe for consumers. Therefore, when buying a snoring mouthpiece, ensure it receives FDA clearance.

#2. Does it use safe materials?
There are three materials that are usually used as a mouthpiece for snoring; they are thermoplastic elastomer material, non-thermoplastic material, and acrylic.

The thermoplastic elastomer material is popularly used in the most snoring mouthpieces available these days. The devices made from this type of material are more flexible and adjustable. It can be molded to your teeth for customized fit. That’s why a mouthpiece made from this material more comfortable than the other materials.

The non-thermoplastic material is usually used in snoring mouthpiece which cannot be adjusted. You cannot mold this material by yourself since it is a hard material. The mouth guards made from this material are molded by the fabric and sold in one size that fits all.

The acrylic material is easier to mold than non-thermoplastic material. This type of material is usually used in prescribed snoring mouth guards. Therefore, it can be adjusted and more since it is made by a dentist.

Although, there are a wide variety of materials that you can choose from, but the most important thing that you should take into account is the safety of the material. Make sure you have selected the one that uses the safe material. The safe material contains no-toxic or BPA-free.

#3. Is it comfortable enough?
A snoring mouthpiece should comfortable enough since it will be used every night. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable on their mouth during their sleep.

Most people that use snoring mouthpiece will feel discomfort at the first few nights. This is absolutely normal. You don’t need to switch to another mouthpiece.

But, when the discomfort feeling is continued for weeks, you need to change the product with the other.

If you don’t have any idea about what product that suits you, you can choose the one that is proven to be comfortable, that is the Good morning snore solution mouthpiece from Mpowrx Health & Wellness Products Inc (Read the reviews here).

#4. Read the customer reviews
Reading some customer reviews also help you a lot when choosing the best mouthpiece for snoring. You can compare between several products to decide which one is performing better.

There are a lot of snoring mouthpiece reviews that you can find easily on the net. Some of them are also available on this site like the Zquiet reviews, VitalSleep reviews, etc.

#5. The price
Some people won’t spend a lot of money dealing with snoring mouthpiece. But, some of them can spend their whole pocket to get rid of snoring. A cheap mouthpiece does not mean giving a bad result. An expensive mouthpiece also does not guarantee the best result.

Again, read some reviews will help to gain information about what snoring mouthpiece that delivers the best result and available at affordable prices. You can take a look to snoring mouthpiece comparison table to compare each device based on their type, prices, guarantee, and other points.

Choosing the best snoring mouthpiece can be a challenge for you since there is a lot of products to choose for. Hope these tips can help you to make any decision.

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