TheraSnore Review, Quality Anti Snoring Mouth Guard

If you regularly suffer from severe snoring or sleep apnea, than you likely realize how miserable it can be. A lot of people with severe snoring problems end up sleeping separately from their spouses, avoiding long airplane rides, and even turning down vacations with friends because they know that their snoring will be such an annoyance for everyone else that they would rather not go!

Needless to say, severe snoring and sleep apnea problems are not fun to deal with… which is exactly why more and more people are seeking safe, alternative treatment methods for them. One of these methods is a product called TheraSnore, and that is the product that we are going to discuss in this review.

What Is TheraSnore?

TheraSnore is basically an anti-snoring mouth guard that you keep in your mouth whenever you sleep. It is said to prevent snoring and some sleep apnea by raising your bottom teeth and jaw, thereby eliminating the possibility of having your airway constricted. When your airway becomes constricted, the air tends to travel through at a much faster rate, thus resulting in the vibrations that lead to snoring.


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Does It Work?

TheraSnore is one of many similar devices that operate under the same basic principle… though it is definitely different in a few ways from its competitors.

For one, TheraSnore is clinically proven and medically approved mouth guard for snoring. It is actually used in some hospitals in the UK, and is classified as a Class 1 Medical Device, meaning that its performance has been tracked and proven by clinical trials.

In fact, statistics actually show that TheraSnore is 93% effective in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea (mild to moderate). It is also easy to fit, and boasts five different settings which allow you to ‘adjust’ the effects of the device.

Find out more about TheraSnore Medical Opinion here! You can find two medical opinions on PDF documents at the bottom of the page.

Is It Just Another Internet Gimmick?

When people hear about products like TheraSnore, their first question is generally whether or not such a product could really work. To be honest, this is a very fair question, and one that I was asking myself as I read about the product on the company website. Truth be told, there are a LOT of gimmicks out there… but is TheraSnore one of them?

To answer this question, I actually went in search of what real customers were saying about the product. In fact, I made it a point to look in places OTHER than on the product website.

In my years of writing product reviews, I have become pretty good at spotting thin paid reviews… so naturally, I always look for the genuine ones before forming an actual opinion on a particular product.

In studying TheraSnore, I have actually come to the conclusion that it does work very well, for a lot of people.

A LOT of people see results with TheraSnore that don’t even see them with cheaper mouth-guard type devices, which is evidence of the fact that TheraSnore does seem to be an effective design that utilizes some sound scientific and medical principles. It is, in all actuality, a pretty simple concept really… but it seems to be one that works.

Is It Worth The Money?

TheraSnore usually sells for £79.95, though it is currently marked down on the company website to £49.95, plus a £3.95 shipping charge if shipped within the UK. But is it really worth it? To be honest, I would say it depends on how bad your snoring is.

TheraSnore Review

There are not a TON of options for people with severe snoring problems. You can get surgery, but a lot of people would rather avoid such an intensive, invasive method of correction for such a simple problem.

In my opinion, TheraSnore offers a pretty simple snoring solution to a problem that is not all that complicated. Plus, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can always return it if you are not impressed.

In the end, I would have to say that TheraSnore is DEFINITELY worth a try. If you don’t like it, you can return it. But statistics show that most people end up keeping it and using it on a permanent basis… which, in my opinion, is a pretty solid testimony in itself.

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