The Causes of Snoring, Learn First Before Stop It

The causes of snoring on each person could be different, that’s why it is highly recommended to learn it first before choosing a solution to stop it. By determining your own condition you choose what kind of treatment is the best for you.

Some of you maybe can not sleep well when you hear someone snore and this is become the most irritating moment during your sleep. You might be wanted to kick your partner out of the bed or trying to wake him/her to stop it. Besides that, you could be pushed to know what might actually trigger these sounds.

Causes of Snoring

What are the Causes of Snoring?

Actually, there are several things that can be the common causes of snoring in men and women. Bellows are some of them:

Throat Muscles Weakness

The main cause of the snoring is because your throat muscles is getting weak. It makes the tissues around your throat to collapsed and blocks the airway. The blocked airway makes the tissue vibrates and produces sounds that we know as snoring.

Nasal Problems

The nasal problems can lead people to snore during their sleep. Allergies, nasal congestion, sinus problem are the common issues of nasal problem. These issues make the airway obstructed when you are breathing and produce the snoring sound.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping position is also can be the cause of snoring. People who sleep on their side snoreless a lot that people who sleep on their back. Sleep on your back makes you tongue to collapsed back to your throat. The tongue blocks the airways and vibrates. Produce a sound that we call snoring. So, if you are sleeping on your back and snoring, try to change your sleep position to your side.


Overweight can make the fat getting in and around the throat. Since there is not enough tone of muscles, the airflow is likely to failure regularly and it is resulting in loud snoring. Read this post for more information about the relation between overweight and snoring.


When people drink alcohol, their muscles relax a much more which makes the throat flaps collapse easily and leads to nasal irritation as well as obstruction that will result in snoring.


Smoking can cause irritation on nasal cavity and throat. This results in irritation which narrows the sinus airways and even more. Therefore, it leading to snoring after the people is sleeping.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a situation when someone suffers breathing interruption which ca last few seconds to minutes. It might happen several times while sleeping. Therefore, people who suffering sleep apnea might cause them snoring. (More info about Sleep Apnea read this post or read the info at Wikipedia)

So far, what people know about preventing snoring is by using anti-snoring devices like anti-snoring mouthpiece, anti-snoring pillows, anti-snoring chin strap, etc. However, if your lifestyles like over-weight issue, smoking and alcohol are the main causes of your snoring problem, these device would not work at all. That is why instead of using of anti-snoring devices, it is better for you to just change your current lifestyle to the healthier one.

For an example, certain sleep position may lead to snoring, for example sleeping on your back. The solution is avoid sleeping on your back by sleeping on your side. It could help you dealing with the issue.

In this case, the using of anti-snoring device is not necessary. Although an anti-snore pillow may helps you to keep sleeping position (on your side), but most of you may maintain the position without any help from this device. If you can’t maintain the position during the sleep, the device may help you.

By learning these causes of snoring, I hope you can find the best solution to stop snoring either for you or your partner. For more information on how to stop snoring, please read further information on this post.

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