Snoring Mouthpiece Comparison Table

Since there are various anti-snoring mouthpieces available on the market these days, it will not an easy task to choose the right device for you snoring solution. Therefore, to help you decide here at this page, I provide you the snoring mouthpieces comparison table.

This table comparison shows you different anti-snoring mouthpiece products that are currently available on the market and can be purchased online. Each brand is classified based on its types, whether if it treats sleep apnea or not, if it has clinical studies or not, does it FDA cleared, is there any scambook complain, the price, the discount code if any and the guarantee.

If you need more information about a device, you can click the links on the More Info column. First, the Website link will lead you to the official website of the device. The second link (Reviews) will take you to the device reviews on this site.

This comparison really helps if you stuck between some brands and have not any idea what brand to choose for. It is so much easier if you can compare all aspect or features of some devices in one place. So, I hope this comparison table works as the purpose that is help you to make the right or best decision based on your problem.

If you need an overview or a general review about snoring mouthpiece, you can read my review on snoring mouthpiece that I already posted on this site.

NameImageTypeTreat Sleep ApneaClinical StudiesFDA ClearedScambook ComplainsPrice ($US) *Discount/Coupon Availability **GuaranteeMore Info
Good Morning Snore SolutionGood Morning Snore Solution MouthpieceTongue Retaining MouthpieceYesYesJournal of Sleep and BreathingYesNo99.94YesGet the Coupon HereYes30 Days Money Back GuaranteeWebsite
SnoreRxSnoreRXJaw Retaining MouthpieceNoNoYesNo99.00YesGet the Coupon HereYes30 Days Money Back GuaranteeWebsite
TheraSnoreTheraSnoreJaw Retaining MouthpieceYes
Mild Sleep Apnea
YesRead the Medical OpinionYesNo76.84NoYes30 Days Money Back GuaranteeWebsite
SnoreMedsSnoremeds Anti Snoring MouthpieceJaw Retaining MouthpieceNoNoYesNo$40.90NoYes45 Days Money Back GuaranteeWebsite
VitalSleepVitalSleepJaw Retaining MouthpieceNoNoYesNo59.95NoYes30 Days Money Back GuaranteeWebsite
ZquietZquietJaw Retaining MouthpieceNoNoYesNo69.90NoYes30 Days Trial ($9.95 first + $59.95 after trial)Website
SleepProSleepPro Self Fit AdjustableJaw Retaining MouthpieceYesMild to Moderate OSANoNoNo49.99NoYes30 Days Money Back GuaranteeWebsite
PureSleepPureSleepJaw Retaining MouthpieceNoNoYesYes59.99NoYes30 Days TrialWebsite

* The price changes frequently. To get the most updated price, please visit the official site by clicking on Website Link on More Info column.
** Discount/Coupon codes are available at limited time.