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Sleep Apnea: Facts, Types, Signs, and Treatments

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

People often mistake sleep apnea as snoring, but that’s not the main case. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder, affecting people in their daily performance.

Although snoring is disturbing and embarrassing, it is not as dangerous as the apnea. You shouldn’t consider this disorder as a light issue as it will affect your performance, focus, and even your overall health completely.

That’s why it is very important for you to gain more information about this sleep disorder, how to diagnose it, what are the signs, the types, and the possible treatments can be done at home or even by a professional.

The Causes of Snoring, Learn First Before Stop It


The causes of snoring on each person could be different, that’s why it is highly recommended to learn it first before choosing a solution to stop it. By determining your own condition you choose what kind of treatment is the best for you.

Some of you maybe can not sleep well when you hear someone snore and this is become the most irritating moment during your sleep. You might be wanted to kick your partner out of the bed or trying to wake him/her to stop it. Besides that, you could be pushed to know what might actually trigger these sounds.