Snoremeds Review, Does It Really Work?

If you are looking for a low cost and effective anti-snoring mouthpiece that can help dealing with snoring, then you need to consider SnoreMeds. This mouthpiece may look like very simple, but it has its own benefits when being used as your snoring solution. Read the rest of this review to discover all things you need to know about this anti-snoring mouthpiece.

What is Snoremeds?

Basically, Snoremeds is a jaw retaining mouthpiece which is classified as Class II medical device by the FDA. So, it may look like similar to the other mouthpieces on this type. Although it’s same in terms of shape, it may not the same in terms of the result, comfortable level, pricing, and the most important thing in term of safety.

According to manufacturer website, Snoremeds uses FDA cleared materials to produce their mouthpiece. On the other hand it uses materials that are recommended to produce oral appliances. It’s considered as a safe device to use because it uses BPA and latex free material.

It is a unique product that is specifically designed to keep your mount closed during the sleep. It can simply be defined as a bite and boil style thermoplastic MAD device that can be used to stay away from snoring in an effective manner.

This product features two different air holes in its front, which help all the people who breathe from their mouth when sleeping. You can make this mouthpiece form a contour of your teeth.

Therefore, Snoremeds can be defined as a personalized solution available to address all the issues that are related to snoring.

How does it Work?

As you might already know, when you are wide awake, your body is in alert position, making sure that all the systems are working well. That includes the muscles around the throat, so the nasal opening and the airway passage remain open the whole time.

However, when you are sleeping, everything is slightly different. The throat muscles will collapse because your body is in relaxed state. The collapse throat muscles are obstructing the throat.

Since the throat is getting narrow, the air that passing through will increase in pressure and the soft tissue will vibrate. And it’s produce noice that we known as snoring.

Blocked Airway While Sleeping

Blocked Airway While Sleeping

Snoremeds tries to overcome this problem. It is specifically designed to hold your lower jaw in a forward position, which can clear your airway and keep away the tissues from vibrating against each other.

How Snoremeds Work

How Snoremeds Work

This unique concept has been tested scientifically and it has delivered positive results to the researchers. In fact, dentists have been using this technique since 1980s to treat people who have issues with snoring.

How to Use?

Snoremeds has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past nine years by helping people to get rid of snoring with less hassle. This jaw retaining mouthpiece can be customized according to the arrangement of teeth inside your mouth or known as custom teeth impression.

So for the first time use, you need boiled water to mold it and then take your teeth impression. You just need to keep this unit in boiling water for 20 seconds and place it in your mouth. You can costumize how fit is it on your mouth. Once you place this mouthpiece in your mouth, it will pull forward your lower jaw when you are in sleep.

Even though this is a common technique used by the most MAD, people found it as a hard task to follow it because there wasn’t any product that can fit to the teeth arrangement of all the people. Snoremeds provided an ideal solution to it through providing a customized mouthpiece.

For more information about molding instructiond, please reffer to this guide.

Size and Pricing

Snoremeds anti-snoring mouthpiece can be purchased in two different sizes as small and regular. The small size is recommended for women and the regular one is recommended for men. You need to pay special attention towards the size of your jaw when you are spending money in order to purchase Snoremeds.

The size of the unit can directly contribute towards the results that you get at the end of the day. For example, even if a woman has a smaller mouth, she might have large teeth. In that kind of a situation, she will have to go for the regular sized mouthpiece. There isn’t any major price difference between these two versions.

PackageQuantityPrice (US$) *
Single Pack140.90
Double Pack250.90
Value Pack370.90

* All Price is not including shipping cost. The shipping cost will be applied at the checkout which is usually $4.50. More info about pricing here.


A mouthpiece that can hold your lower jaw in proper position has the potential to keep you away from snoring. Snoremeds is based on that technology.

The product comes along with a spatula, which can be used when you are boiling the mouthpiece. It can also be used when you are cleaning this product. Therefore, you will not have to face any hassle when you are using Snoremeds as a solution to stay away from snoring.

Another benefit that you can get from Snoremeds is that it can be purchased at an affordable price. In other words, you will be able to get a single mouthpiece for just $34. You can save few additional bucks by purchasing a two or four pack, which are marked at $39.99 and $59.99 respectively.

Snoremeds is also made from FDA cleared material which is BPA and Latex free. So it does not have the ability to bring any health issues. And more other benefits like:

  • It is effective
  • Easy to use
  • Quite comfortable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Has two air holes for mouth breathers
  • 45 day satisfaction guarantee


Snoremeds is nearly not associated with any major drawbacks. However, you will feel some discomfort during the first few days of using it. It can minimize the tongue movement during night, but you will get used to it within a short period of time.

It will not last forever. It need approximately 4 months to be replaced with the new one. But, with its prices, it not gonna be a big deal at least to me.

When you go through the Snoremeds reviews online, you will figure out that it has delivered positive results to many people without leading them to any hassle.

The Bottom Line

Snoremeds can be defined a decent anti-snoring mouthpiece available out there compared to other mouthpiece in the class (see comparisson here). As mentioned in this review, snoring happens when nasal passage gets blocked. Snoremeds has the ability to address that issue and keep the tissues away from vibrating against each other.

People in all age categories can think about using this anti-snoring device to get rid of snoring without much hesitation. It is marked at an affordable price and the benefits you get are totally worth when compared to the amount you pay.

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