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Zyppah Review, Does this Device Work?

Zyppah Rx Snoring Mouthpiece

If you’re having a snoring problem, then Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece might be your solution. For those of you who are trying to address your snoring issue, you should first know the cause of snoring, which is the tongue movement in your mouth.

The tongue is actually a muscle. It’s relaxes during sleep. The tongue falls back within your mouth as it relaxes, which result in a blocked airway and cause snoring.

That is why every time you sleep on your back your snoring gets louder. Gravity is causing the tongue to fall back more and blocks the airway that increases the snoring.

SnoreRX Reviews, Top Quality Jaw Retaining Mouthpiece


SnoreRx is a jaw retaining snoring mouthpiece. It is a prescription anti snoring device that is produced by high quality dental lab that offers superior clinical effectiveness and comfort. It is adjustable, custom impression, and established medical standards that are supposedly the core features to look for when purchasing an oral device.

SnoreRx is the only product which its performance exceeds the recommended standards of OAOSA or known as Oral Appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. However, it does not mean or even claimed to treat OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea). So, if you are suffering OSA, this device won’t work for you.

Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow Review, Help to Get High Quality Sleep

Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow Design

How will you overcome your snoring problem? Can you change your sleeping position? Or you may have tried in various ways, but the result was zero. Well, you can try other steps such as changing your pillow. The question is what kind of pillow? The following are the Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow review will give you some information about the benefits, drawbacks and how you can choose it as a solution of you problem. Also, you can overcome the problem of snoring by changing several positions with the right pillow.