How Long does it Take to Get Used to Snoring Mouthpiece?

How Long does it Take to Get Used to Snoring Mouthpiece?

The snoring mouthpiece is widely used by snorers as their stop snoring solution. It is because the device has been clinically proven to be an effective type of snoring solutions.

Most of anti-snoring mouthpieces are usually made from plastic or silicone and has two trays, one for the bottom teeth and another one of the upper teeth. It works by forcing the lower jaw slightly forward to prevent the soft tissue in your throat from collapsing.

As we know, the common cause of snoring is because the soft tissue collapsed and blocks the airway. That is why in some conditions the use of this dental device or also well known as mouthpiece devices is highly recommended.

TheraSnore Review, Quality Anti Snoring Mouth Guard


If you regularly suffer from severe snoring or sleep apnea, than you likely realize how miserable it can be. A lot of people with severe snoring problems end up sleeping separately from their spouses, avoiding long airplane rides, and even turning down vacations with friends because they know that their snoring will be such an annoyance for everyone else that they would rather not go!

Needless to say, severe snoring and sleep apnea problems are not fun to deal with… which is exactly why more and more people are seeking safe, alternative treatment methods for them. One of these methods is a product called TheraSnore, and that is the product that we are going to discuss in this review.

Anti Snore Pillow Helps Reduce Snoring in Most People

SONA Anti Snore Pillow

For those who suffering from unclear breathing during sleep which results in snoring, the latest in health and comfort allows you to sleep soundly and breathe freely. Anti snore pillow is the best and latest solution to snoring.

The special design and material allows you to sleep soundly and assists with your breathing so that you snore no more. This pillow can be used by people of all ages and is an effective counter action to snoring and sleep breathing disorders.

This pillow also helps those suffering from sleep apnea to give them a more peaceful undisturbed sleep.

Pure Sleep Reviews, A Good Option For A Snore-Free Night

PureSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

This Pure Sleep review, you will get the information that it is a self-molded retainer, which is recommended by the dentists and also doctors for many years nowadays; as a useful means for reducing snoring.

Pure Sleep is a Class II prescribed anti-snoring mouthpiece which is available in the market as the treatment device for snoring and needs a prescription from a dentist. It is cleared by the U.S. FDA and is manufactured in the United States.

Dr. Douglas Fenton, who has been a dentist in San Francisco, invented the Pure Sleep snoring mouthpiece. For many years, Dr. Fenton as well as a few other physicians prescribed their patients the same anti-snoring mouthpieces and charged them about $400.

Afterwards, a businessman called Mr. Lindsay created an easily available version of the mouthpiece that Dr. Fenton created earlier, which is reasonable for the common public.

In this way, the company of Pure Sleep was created. Presently, this company declares for having the best selling snoring solution across the world.

PureSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

How Does Pure Sleep Work?

As we know, the major issue that cause snoring is the soft tissue behind the throat is over relaxed during the sleep. It makes the airway is constricted. The constricted airflow will vibrate the soft tissue behind the throat and produce a sound that we known as snoring.

Before using PureSleep

Airflow Constricted Before using PureSleep

Like numerous oral anti-snoring devices, Pure Sleep make use of the technique of mandibular re-positioning that softly grips lower jaw ahead of the normal position during sleep. This theory basically unbolts the airway sufficiently, so that the air moves freely. As the air passage becomes free, no vibration as well as no snoring is there.

How Pure Sleep work

How Pure Sleep work

PureSleep includes a lower and an upper piece, which is fixed together in 3 settings that depends on the bite you are having. After connecting the pieces, this tool is boiled in order to make it softer and to make it flexible, so that this tool can be easily molded; inside your mouth.

The BBB Review

While going through many consumer reviews, I noted a number of complaints that were filed with BBB by the consumers (the BBB page). Among all these issues most of them were dealt with billing and shipping, whereas a few were connected with the product satisfaction. On the whole, the Pure Sleep Company has already resolved these issues and also these cases are now closed.

The Cost

At the moment, the company is offering a device free of cost with the purchase of one device. You will get 2 devices, along with storage containers at the cost of $59.90 + $10 for shipping. If this package is broken down to each unit, the Pure Sleep price is around $35 per unit. The users can try Pure Sleep for 30 days for only $9.95.

Drawbacks and Side Effects

  1. It delivers some side effects like uncomfortable feeling as it causes some soreness inside the jaw, fatigue, teeth and gums can also get sore.
  2. It fits easily, but after the molding of mouthpiece, you can never change its settings.
  3. Less adjustable since it comes without calibrator. So there is no further adjustment can be made
  4. Although they have solved all complaints on BBB, but it somethings that I need to worry.

Conclusion and Better Alternatives

This mouthpiece might work for some people, especially for those who snore because of their jaw. However, a lot of people said it not work for them. Even though they are jaw snorers too.

Me personally prefer other oral anti-snoring devices, which have received excellent feedbacks from the users. They are VitalSleep and SnoreRX (click each link to read the reviews). Both of them are also FDA cleared anti-snoring mouthpieces.

Why do I prefer them? I found they have more better features compared to PureSleep. They offer an accurate custom-fit, more adjustable since they can be calibrated for the optimum effectiveness and comfort.

They provide better and full airflow via the mouth. There are some settings available which you could re-set anytime. They have bend jaw, for restricted tangential movement and sophisticated design, which does not use screws, springs, rubber bands or rods inside their mouthpieces. It is just like others that create constant pressure inside the jaws, which results in pain.

Even though like other oral devices, there is an alteration period. Numerous users, on the other hand, gave their feedback that the discomfort level is extremely minimal and also that both products deliver according to its promise.

The micro adjustability of SnoreRx and VitalSleep is patent pending, which is the main reason for their overall comfort. They ensure efficiency together with total comfort.

In addition to all of that, for any changes needed in future, all the settings easily can be managed. Unlike Pure Sleep and also some other mouthpieces that disallow you to change the settings, after these units are being molded. The excellent micro-adjustability of the VitalSleep and SnoreRx permits all their users to reset the configuration according to their comfort level.

From all the information given in the above review, I hope you can get all information about this anti-snoring mouthpiece like how it work, benefits, drawbacks, price and others.

Although, I prefer SnoreRx and VitalSleep, to be honest PureSleep is a good device for you who suffering from snoring and you can get it at a sensible price offered by the manufacturer.