The Tongue Retaining Mouthpiece, Best Option for Snoring

Tongue Retaining Snoring Mouthpiece

There are two main types of stop snoring mouthpiece that are used for years to treat snoring. One of them is the jaw retaining mouthpiece and the other one is the tongue retaining mouthpiece. As the name suggests, the tongue retaining mouthpiece is a device that can help you solve your snoring and even sleep apnea issue.

As you are all aware, snoring happens when your airway is blocked so the air can’t pass freely. When you snore, the membranes around the throat vibrate, causing annoying and disturbing sound.

Jaw Retaining Mouthpiece, All You Need to Know about It

Jaw Retaining Mouthpiece from SnoreRx

Talking about anti-snoring mouthpiece, there are two different types of this device that are The Jaw Retaining Mouthpieces and The Tongue Retaining Mouthpieces. Both of them are slightly different in shape, the way they work, effectiveness, price and the side effects.

In this article I will discuss more detail about the jaw retaining mouthpiece. The other one will be discussed in different post and will be published soon. Moreover, I will also create a comparison both of them to help you easier to understanding the differences between them.

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CPAP as Snoring Solution and Sleep Apnea Treatment


People who have snoring problem often consider CPAP as snoring solution. Known as the short for continuous Positive Airway Pressure, CPAP method is considered safe enough to be applied for people suffering from apnea or severe snoring issue.

If you try this method the first time, it may feel and seem awkward, but be sure that it is one of the best and also safest solutions to help you breathe better.

This machine works by blowing air at high pressure in order to keep the airway open during the sleep and to make sure the muscles relaxed. Meanwhile, the rubber strap works to hold the mask always in the right position so that air leaking around the face can be stopped.

Here is an advice, make sure the straps tight enough but also loose enough for comfort. Once it is in the right position and adjustment, your sleep will not be the same.