Jaw Retaining Mouthpiece, All You Need to Know about It

Talking about anti-snoring mouthpiece, there are two different types of this device that are The Jaw Retaining Mouthpieces and The Tongue Retaining Mouthpieces. Both of them are slightly different in shape, the way they work, effectiveness, price and the side effects.

In this article I will discuss more detail about the jaw retaining mouthpiece. The other one will be discussed in different post and will be published soon. Moreover, I will also create a comparison both of them to help you easier to understanding the differences between them.

How Does It Work?

Jaw Retaining Mouthpiece from SnoreRx

The most common issue that lead to snore is the soft tissue behind the throat is over relaxed during the sleep. It makes the airway is constricted. The constricted airflow will vibrate the soft tissue behind the throat and produce a sound that we known as snoring.

The jaw retaining mouthpieces are custom made devices that re-position the jaw of the snorer in a certain way. It will hold the lower jaw then pull it gently forward to ensure that there is a passage for air to pass through. This in turn reduces the possibility of snoring to a minimal.

It is designed in a way that it fits over both the teeth, which is upper and lower and connects them together; with a type of hinge. The process is simple.

There is a tension built in the hinges and mixed with this, the way in which it fits over the teeth together; making the jaw correctly positioned. To get a better picture of it, imagine a sport person with the mouth protector.

Will These Work for Sure?

Just like a fish can’t climb a tree, one can’t expect this device to work for everyone because not every person snores due to air passing issues. There can be many other issues.

These devices would work only for people facing one certain problem especially for those who snore because of reasons mentioned earlier. However, for those who snore because of their tongue or other reasons, it might be a waste of time and money.

Moreover, you are advised to consult a physician or specialist and understand the core problem. This will ensure a permanent and quicker cure than beating around the bush.

Possible Side Effects

Having someone keep a device in their mouth all night long can’t come without any side effects. There are certain side effects attached to the use of this device as well. The same are mentioned below for your reference:

  1. Pain in the face due to keeping the device in the mouth all night long. You see, the muscles will be working all night long and not get any rest. This can further lead to a not so fresh set of jaws, the following day.
  2. Extensive drooling or even choking on one’s own saliva can be a result of using this apparatus. Since the muscles are at work all night. When there is such extensive activity, the glands automatically produce more saliva and since the mouth is closed, due to the device; the saliva will not come out of the mouth. This might lead the saliva accidentally entering into the air pipe and hence choking.
  3. The jaw joints might end up being dislocated because the device will be in continuous use all night; repositioning the jaw. When the natural shape is fidgeted with, the joints will have no choice but to change position permanently.
  4. There can be another side effect of oral infection, as even though these devices are made up of mouth friendly material, not every person’s mouth might be adaptable to them.

Top Jaw Retaining Mouthpieces

There are lots of jaw retaining mouthpieces available to choose for. But, only few of them that are consider to be effective, less side-effects, and sure worth the money. Among them, I choose three mouthpieces that I think work better than the other devices. They are listed on the table bellow:

WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit WebsiteVisit Website
In-Depth ReviewRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
Treat Sleep ApneaNONO Mild OSA
Clinical Studies
FDA Cleared
Scambook Complains
Price *$99.00$59.95£49.98
Discount Availability ** Get It Here
Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee

* The price changes frequently. To get the most updated price, please visit the official site by clicking on Website Link on More Info column.
** Discount/Coupon codes are available at limited time.

Exclusive Elements To Consider

Although there are some side effects occur, the jaw retaining mouthpiece is still used by lots of people and most of them are happy using these. The reason is simple; they are getting peaceful sleep in the night and waking up fresh in the morning.

The side effects mentioned above are again not a very high probability and normally occur on almost all jaw retaining mouthpieces. With regular use some people found that those side effects are gone. It takes time to get used with an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

The Bottom Line
A jaw retaining mouthpiece might be the best option as the snoring treatment device especially for those who snore because of the airflow is constricted.

However, if the airflow problem is caused by the tongue (sometime it’s flipping back and blocks airways), this type of mouthpiece might not help so much. The tongue retaining mouthpiece can be better option for this problem.

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to know the cause of snoring before taking up a cure. Thus consulting a doctor to find the answer is very important thing to do first.

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