How Long does it Take to Get Used to Snoring Mouthpiece?

The snoring mouthpiece is widely used by snorers as their stop snoring solution. It is because the device has been clinically proven to be an effective type of snoring solutions.

Most of anti-snoring mouthpieces are usually made from plastic or silicone and has two trays, one for the bottom teeth and another one of the upper teeth. It works by forcing the lower jaw slightly forward to prevent the soft tissue in your throat from collapsing.

As we know, the common cause of snoring is because the soft tissue collapsed and blocks the airway. That is why in some conditions the use of this dental device or also well known as mouthpiece devices is highly recommended.

However, this snoring device has some side effects like teeth shifting, excess salivation, fatigued during sleep, and jaw soreness. These conditions are completely normal since you need some times to get used with the snoring mouthpiece.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

The time needed to get used with this device is varied between people. Some people might need a number of nights to get used with this device. In some cases, people still feel uncomfortable for a week when using it.

During the first few nights of using the anti snore mouthpiece, you might experience your jaw, gums, and teeth to feel sore and fatigued. As mentioned earlier, it is completely normal if you feel uncomfortable during the first week. So, you don’t have to find the other solution for your problem or even switch to the other mouthpieces.

To reduce the time to get used to the snoring mouthpiece, make sure you choose the right anti-snoring mouthpiece as I have mentioned on these tips. Choosing the FDA Cleared mouthpiece for snoring, like VitalSleep, Zquiet, or Good Morning Snore Solution might helpful. It is because these mouthpiece has passed very strict consumer safety tests that performed by the FDA.

Please note, I can’t guarantee using the FDA cleared one will eliminate this problem, since the condition of each person is different. Some people might get used with the device at the first time they use it and the other might take a few weeks to get used.

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