Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews with Coupon Code

Before we come to the Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) detailed reviews, I think you need to know that there are basically two types of anti snoring mouthpieces available on the market these days, they are the jaw retaining mouthpieces and the tongue retaining mouthpieces. Each of them works differently, the first type will hold the jaw then push it forward, but the second type will hold the tongue then pull it forward.

Since the ways they work are different each other, the result is different too. This will lead us with a question. Which one is more effective to stop snore?

Personally, I prefer the tongue retaining mouthpiece. Why? Because it works for me. It eliminates the problem which can be the most common cause of snoring, that is the tongue. Why the tongue? You can read it later on the how it work section bellow.

Moreover, this type of mouthpiece doesn’t cause jaw pain (that usually occurs when using jaw retaining mouthpiece) after using it all night. It is because the device does not hold the jaw during the sleep. My jaw is still free to move while using it. This is what I really like about tongue holding device.

However, what I don’t really like is, there is only one brand for this type available at the moment, that is the Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS).

With no other options available, I decided to give this product a try. I have tried almost other products, so why don’t I try this? There is nothing to lose since it is offered with 30 days money back guarantee. If it doesn’t deliver the result as promised, all I need is just send it back and ask for refund.

So, how well this mouthpiece work? You better read the following reviews to find out more information and my experience on Good Morning Snore Solution.

About Good Morning Snore Solution

The first thing I always do before purchasing any product (especially health related product) is searching for more information about the product and the company. Is it a trustworthy and credible company? How long they already on this field? Is there any complaint about the device or their service? Let’s check this out!

Company Reputation

After doing researches, I found some information about the company as I sum up on the following table.

Product at Glance
Good Morning Snore Solution
Click on image for larger size
Name: Good Morning Snore Solution
Type: Tongue Retaining Mouthpiece
Price: $99.94 (Single Device) & $129.94 (Family Pack 2 Devices)
Company: Mpowrx Health & Wellness Products Inc.
Address: Alastair Ross Technology Centre 510, 5332 - 31 St NW, Calgary, Alberta T2M 2J4
Websites:International (.com), United Kingdom (, and Australia (
Clinical Studies YES
FDA cleared Yes
Money back Guarantee 30 Days
BBB Accredited Rating A (from A to F)
Scambook Complaints There is no complaints

As you can seen on the table, this mouthpiece is developed by the sleep researchers in Canada and produced by MPowRx Health and Wellness Products Inc. This is a Canadian based company which is live since 2008.

The company is a BBB Accredited Business and has received A Rating on a scale of A+ (highest) to F (lowest). The A rating shows us that they are credible and trustworthy business.

As you can read on its BBB page, you may notice 4 (four) complaints to the company. Mostly is about the product guarantee and the service. But, all of them are already resolved and all cases are closed.

This shows us how well they treat their customers. It seems they always care about the customer by proving good customer support to resolve any complaints. Some other companies might just take buyers money then left them without good support and does not resolve complaints.

Talking about complaints, surprisingly there is also no complaint found on It means their product perform well and deliver what they have promised.

It’s also reflected by the customer testimonials which are also relatively positive. However, there are only few testimonials available on the website.

At this point, I see the company and its product has good reputation. Does it make me buy their product? Not at all. There are lots things to dig out and should be take into account.

Is it Medically Approved?

This is another important factor that we should always concern about medical devices. Is it medically and legally approved to be use? And yet they’ve done it.

The Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece has been registered by the Health Canada, the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and the European Commission (EU Medical Directive) as Class I Medical Device for snoring and sleep apnea treatment.

It also receives the U.S. FDA clearance as Class II Medical Device (prescription only) for snoring treatment. More information about the FDA Clearance here.

These are great. Since in order to medically approved, GMSS should passed very strict consumer safety testings. If it has passed the tests that means it is safe to use.

Is it Clinically Proven?

The short answer is yes. The clinical research about the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece was conducted in 2008. This study took 32 people who suffer serious snoring problem including sleep apnea.

The test split them into 2 groups which are given different mouthpieces and they use it for one week. One was given the Good Morning Snore Solution and other was given device with similar design but without the suction mechanism featured in GMSS.

After a week, both groups were evaluated according to 3 (three) standard industry measures of snoring. The result was exceptional. About 70% of those who tried GMSS mouthpiece wanted to continue using it since their snoring is reduced and they slept better.

This clinical study has proved that the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece is effective in more than 70% of snorers. Since some of them also suffer sleep apnea, it means this mouthpiece is also proven to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Don’t just take my words. You can read the clinical data which is already publicized by Leslie Dort & Rollin Brant on this page. If you like more technical data, this clinical study is right for you.

But, if you like more simple explanation without lots of technical data, you can read the summary of the study on this clinical data page.

Is the Material Safe?

Yes. It is safe. Since it has already medically approved and clinically proven, it ensures the material used is safe. This anti snoring mouthpiece is made of soft flexible material which is BPA-Free or non-toxic latex material.

How It Works?

Let’s take a look a bit more about the causes of snoring since it’s related each other. Every mouthpieces is made to eliminate the problems that trigger snoring.

In most cases, snoring happens because the tongue is flipping back and blocks the airway during the sleep. The blocked airway makes the airflow restricted.

When the air flow is restricted, our lungs receive less amount of air than it’s normally needed. Therefore our body system will force us to breathe faster to produce more air.

Since the amount of air to our throat is large, it will vibrate the soft tissue behind the throat. When the tissue is vibrating, it will produce a sound that we well know as snoring.

The main purpose of all anti-snoring devices including GMSS is to prevent this problem happens, clearing the airway by preventing the tongue falls back. But, not all of them address this issue properly.

Most of anti-snoring mouthpieces (especially the jaw retainers) work by holding and moving your jaw forward to clear the airways. However, the main problem (the tongue) which is actually blocking the airway is still free to move. Therefore, there are lots possibilities it will fall back during the sleep then block the air flow.

That is why the Good Morning Snore Solution works better since it address this crucial problem. Since it is a tongue retaining mouthpiece, the device will keep your tongue in the right position (flat and forward) during your sleep.

The GMSS works by pulling the tongue gently forward. It is done by holding the tip of your tongue using suction effect. When the tongue is pulled forward, it will stay flat. So it will not flip back and blocks the airflow.

How Good Morning Snore Solution Work

How Good Morning Snore Solution Work

When they airflow is cleared, the lungs will get the amount of air needed and you will not breathe faster. The amount of air on your throat is normal. That’s why the soft tissue will not vibrate anymore and there will be no such sound that usually known as snoring. You can learn more how it works at this official page.

How to Use?

It is very easy to use Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece. It does not need lots things to do to use it, like preparing hot water to mold it, taking teeth impression, and other things. You don’t need to do that to use GMSS.

There are only 4 (four) steps to use GMSS every night just before you are going to bed

  1. Put the mouthpiece in your mouth between your front teeth and lips,
  2. Press the end of the device with your thumb and finger while sucking the air out,
  3. Put and push your tongue into the end of the mouthpiece and make sure it sticks very well,
  4. Rest your tongue and go to sleep.

How to Clean It?

It is easy to clean. You can clean it by using only a certified cleaning tablet (which means any denture cleaning tabletfrom your local pharmacy), and cold water. Please note! Avoid stronger cleaners or hot water.

You can purchase any denture appliance cleaning tablets from your local pharmacy to clean the GMSS. You may also use a mixture of toothpaste and water as alternative.

Let it soak for ten minutes with the cleaning tablet and cold water, swishing it around at the end before taking it out to air dry. Your GMSS device is now ready for the next nights use!

Please note, you have to avoid to heat, cut or trim the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece. It could make the device unsafe for use.

Watch the following video to get detailed information on how it works, how to use it and how easy to clean it.

The Comfortable Level

This is the mouthpiece which has the highest comfortable level. Since it only holds your tongue not your jaw, it means your jaw is still free to move. The result is it doesn’t cause pain in your jaw and your teeth after using it all night. In short, no more jaw pain when you wake up in the morning

Moreover, since it uses soft flexible material, the edges of the device is not sharp. This means it won’t scratch your gums.

Is there any Chance I will Swallow It?

At first, when I saw the picture, I was also worried about it because the mouthpiece is small. But, after see it directly and take a look on how it works, there are no possibility this will be happening.

Its size seems does not fit with my throat and perhaps yours too, unless you have a very big throat. The suction effect used is also strong enough to keep the mouthpiece on its place.

While using GMSS, you will have your tip get a very light suction to make it stay in its position. When it is inside your mouth, it will remain stay on your tongue. So, you don’t need worry you will swallow it.

Possible Side Effects

As far as I know, all mouthpieces that I ever known deliver side effects. The most common of them are jaw soreness, bite misalignment, teeth shifting, mouth dryness, excessive salivation, Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder and others. The differences are how long the side-effects occur and how many side effects should user suffer.

The Good Morning Snore Solution also delivers side-effects. However, there are only a couple side effects I found and both of them are only minor side effects. Moreover, they are not long terms side effects.

They usually resolve themselves if it is used on a regular basis. Remember, practice makes perfect. The GMSS mouthpiece may take a few tries before it is comfortable enough to use.

The possible side-effects of GMSS are:

  1. Excess Saliva
    It is a condition where the amounts of saliva in your mouth are increased. In normal condition, the salivary glands produce about 0.5 to 1.5 liters of saliva a day. It is usually a temporary problem and rarely cause for concern. More information at
  2. Sore Tongue
    Since the device works using suction effects, it is possible to feel sore tongue at the first use. This condition usually caused by the tongue is extremely sensitive or the suction too strong.

    This problem usually gone after regular use in a few days. However, if the problem still occurs, you are suggested to leave a bit of air in the bulb before inserting the tongue. This will make the suction effect is not to strong.

Where to Buy?

Good Morning Snore Solution is shipped to almost all over the world. However, you should note that it’s ONLY available at the official website. It’s NOT available on Amazon, eBay, on any other places.

Price & Guarantee

It’s hard to tell whether the price of this mouthpiece is expensive or otherwise. It is because there is no competitor exists for this type of mouthpiece. The price of a single device is $99.94 and the price of the family pack (contains two devices) is $129.94.

How about the guarantee? Don’t worry; every device is covered with 30-days money back guarantee. It means if you’re not completely satisfied after following the instructions included, you can return the product for a full refund at least 30 days after purchase. Please read the return policy on the official site for further information about it.

Coupon Code

The good news is currently there is a Good Morning Snore Solutions discount code available at this time. This coupon gives FREE Shipping for you device ordered on GMSS website.

To get the coupon code, you need to click the button bellow. You will be redirected to the GMSS official website once you click the button and the latest code will be revealed bellow the button.

GMSS FREE Shipping

Get FREE Shipping on Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece.

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Expires: Feb 03, 2016

You can find more coupons and the tutorial on how to apply the code at this coupon special page.

Positives and Negatives

To sum up what I have mentioned above, here are some positives and negatives about the Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece.


  • Uses Safe Material
    It uses BPA-Free flexible soft material which means it is safe to use.
  • Medically Approved
    The Good Morning Snore Solution is registered with Health Canada, U.S FDA, the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and the European Commission (EU Medical Directive) a medical device and it is available for the treatment of snoring.
  • Clinically Proven
    This mouthpiece is clinically proved to be effective in more than 70% of snorers as I have been stated above.
  • More Comfortable
    The comfortable level, in my opinion is the highest among snoring mouthpieces I ever known.
  • No Classic Side-Effects
    The ways it works (by holding the tongue) also deliver another benefit that I really like. It will not causing jaw soreness and long-term bite misalignment that are usually happens when using the jaw retaining mouthpieces. So, the most common and classic side effects of using anti-snoring mouthpiece won’t happen when using GMSS.
  • Support Dentures
    You can wear it with or without your dentures as the flange fits between your lips and gums.
  • Easy to Use and Clean
    It is hassle free. You don’t need to boil, molded, take impression and other preparations. Cleaning is also easy. Just use cold water and dentures tablet.
  • One size fit all
    Although it is only available in one size, it doesn’t mean you will have a problem with the size. I believe the size of this mouthpiece will fit for most people since it is made from flexible material. So, you don’t need to worry if the device will not fit on you.
  • Long Term Use
    It is also good for long-term use. The Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece can be used for a long period of time which is approximately 1 year or more. It all depends on how you use and care of the device. So, you don’t need to buy another replacement for a long period of time.
  • 30 days money back guarantee
    With this guarantee being offered, we have a chance to try it for 30 days. Not satisfied, just return it for refund.
  • Shipped to All Over the World
    Not live in America, Canada, UK or Australia? Don’t worry they ship the device to almost all countries.


There are some negative points you should consider before trying or deciding to buy this mouthpiece. Thy are:

  • It is not recommended for you who use teeth-grinding. But, you have to talk to your dentist before using this mouthpiece. If the dentist said yes, you can try the mouthpiece.
  • Since the mouthpiece is used on your mouth, you have to breathe through your nose. So, it is not recommended using the device if you are stuffed up because of a cold.
  • You have to concern about the side effects too. But, I think that are not a big deal since they are only minor side-effects and only occurs at the first few nights. With regular use they will resolved soon.


Do I recommend Good Morning Snore Solution? Yes definitely. This is the only device that really works well for me and I do recommend it to you who really want to stop snoring. This is the mouthpiece that delivers result as promised, most effective, more comfortable, less side effects, easy to use and clean.

The way of it works makes me feel safe during the sleep. It sucks the tip of my tongue to keep it on its’ place. So I don’t need to worry the device will swallowed in to my mouth because it sticks very well on my tongue.

Will Good Morning Snore Solutions work for me? It might be the last question you will ask before buy it. If you are still not sure it’s a device you are looking for or can solve your problem, I suggest you to give the GMSS a try. You have 30 days to try it since every purchase is covered by the 30 days money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work as promised or you’re unhappy with the result, just send it back to the merchant and ask for a full refund.

If you still have some questions about this mouthpiece, you can read the FAQ on the official website.

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