Different Types of Exercises to Stop Snoring

Do you know that there are actually exercises to stop snoring? You may be aware of how annoying the sound of snoring is. Not only it is annoying, it is also disturbing. While we may understand the cause of snoring, not many people know that there are some exercises that they can do to stop the issue from happening over and over again.

These exercises are quite simple and they can be done on daily basis on so many intervals – depending on your likes. With exercises, you can start to strengthen both the soft palate and tongue so that those two can be more relaxed and controlled.

Stop Snoring Exercise

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Indeed, it consists of some different exercises. These exercises are aimed to strengthen the jaw muscle, tongue and throat to help prevent blocked air passage. Not just only that, they are also aimed to burn fat in order to reduce fatty tissue around your neck so that the airway can be fully opened up.

The following are some exercises that you can do at home to reduce snoring. Most of these won’t take you time as they can be done while you are doing other activities, except the weight loss exercises.

#1 Tongue Exercise

It is believed that when you have strong tongue, such snoring issue can be prevented. The tongue exercises usually include:

  1. The tongue stretch. You only need to stick your tongue out and keep it as straight as possible. After counting for 10, move it slowly to one side, and after another 10 counts, move it slowly to the other side. If you do this often, you can strengthen your tongue and it won’t easily collapse and block the air passage.
  2. The tongue resistance. By using a spoon – the back of it – you need to press it down on your tongue. Try to resist it with your tongue. Count to 10, relax, and repeat it again. With this exercise, your tongue won’t go slack and it will be tighter.

#2 Mouth Exercise

There are also exercises to stop snoring involving the mouth, such as:

  1. The big smile. Wide your lips as if you were smiling big. Count to five and then relax. Repeat it several times to make the muscles on your neck firmer and tighter.
  2. The big O. Try forming an O and try to do this as wide as your lips are able to stretch. There should be a pull on your air passage and throat as you are sensing them open up. Hold this position for 5 counts, relax, and repeat it again. It should reduce the neck fat, leading to the snoring reduction.

#3 Jaw Exercise

The chin is also responsible for the snoring issue, so the chin chopper is one form of exercises to stop snoring that can work well. For this exercise, you need to make your jaw tight and keep it that way while trying to open up the mouth.

Try to close your mouth again – still with taut jaw muscles. Repeat this around five times and you can strengthen the muscles around the throat and jaw. These exercises may not work overnight, but if you are consistent enough, you should notice the difference in your sleeping pattern as you may not snore anymore.

#4 Weight Loss Exercise

Not many people know that gaining weight and being overweight can cause snoring. If you want to start paying attention to yourself and losing several pounds, you may be surprised to find out that the snoring problem can go away that easily.

If you are overweight, it is crucial to lose weight to stop snoring. Without you realizing it, losing several pounds will improve the quality of sleeping as well as making you healthier, in overall sense.

Those exercise to stop snoring might not produce instant result. So, don’t expect the result in a week. You need to do them regularly about 30 minutes a day in a month or maybe more depending on the result you get.

You can combine these exercise together to get better or faster result. However, start is slowly and increase the number of exercise gradually.

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