Does the Snoring Mouthpiece can Help You to Stop Snore?

Based on some researches and studies, the stop snoring mouthpiece is an effective way to solve the snoring issue. There is a study in UK that said this anti-snoring device can reduce snoring loudness for 84% of 25 heavy snorers. While 76% of subjects said they were snoring on fewer nights per week.

However, before you are deciding to use this device, there are some questions that might crossing in your head. Does the snoring mouthpiece work? Is it the right solution for me to stop snoring?

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Tips to Find Out Does Snoring Mouthpiece Work on You?

It is very important to answer those questions since not all snoring issues have the same solutions. For you who want to try use this device, here are some of tips to help you determine if a snoring mouthpiece works on you or not. It is also to make sure the device is the right solution for you to stop snoring.

#1. Determine The Causes of Snoring

As we know, snoring can be caused by some issues like, overweight issue, nasal and sinus problem, age, sleep posture, alcohol, smoking, sleep apnea, throat muscles weakness, etc.

Determining the cause of snoring is an important key to decide whether a snoring mouthpiece is work for you or not. It is because not all snoring issue can be solved by using anti snoring mouthpiece.

Since you are sleeping while snoring, it is difficult to determine the cause of snoring. So, what we can do about that? There are two ways that you can choose to solve this problem. First, you can go to medical center, especially sleep disorder center. But, this way may cost a lot of money. Second, if you are sleeping with partner, you can ask you partner to figure it out.

When you have discovered the cause of your snore, you can decide whether to use mouthpiece or not. How can we decide that? If we take a look to snoring mouth guard function, this device is designed to prevent the tissue in your throat is collapsing by forcing the lower jaw slightly forward.

Some mouthpieces also work by holding the tongue slightly forward to prevent it from blocking the airway during the sleep such as the tongue retaining mouthpiece. The collapsed tissue in your throat can be caused by the throat muscles weakness.

People who suffer this issue will likely snore through their mouth. Therefore when you snore through your mouth, then you might try a mouthpiece to stop your snore.

So, the snoring mouthpieces might not really helpful if the causes of your snoring are overweight issue, nasal and sinus problem, age, sleep posture, alcohol, or smoking habit.

#2. Use the Inexpensive Snoring Mouthpiece First

If you have discovered the cause of snoring is on your mouth and believe a snoring mouthpiece will work and it might the best choice, you can try to use the inexpensive one for a few days or weeks. This is important to ensure a mouthpiece is the right solution for you before you spending a lot of money to get the best anti-snoring mouthpiece.

You can try a prefabricated mouth piece which is available in some dental shop. This type of mouthpiece is the cheapest one since it doesn’t need any prescription from a dentist. This type of mouthpiece for snoring is a jaw retaining mouthpiece.

If in a few days or weeks you found this device is really helpful to stop your snore and you feel comfortable using device, you might think about to get the prescribed one or custom fitted mouthpiece with dentist prescription for long term use.

It is very important to use prescribed snoring mouthpiece since it offers a lot of benefits, like reducing the side effects of this dental appliance. Some prescribed mouthpieces are adjustable. You can adjust the position of your lower jaw with help from a dentist.

It may take lots of time to deciding whether snoring mouthpiece is the right solution for your snore or not. However, the result can be better than if you are not trying those tips anyway.

If this device could be your best solution to stop snoring, don’t forget to read some stop-snoring mouthpiece reviews before you decided to buy one.

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