Anti-Snoring Chin Strap, The Facts and Does it Really Work?

Have you ever wondered anti-snoring chin strap – does it work? If you are a snorer – or your close person is a snorer – you may have looked into various kinds of solutions and methods to stop it from happening again. One of the solutions may be the chin strap, but you are wondering whether such method is truly effective or not.

Well, there are some explanations and also possible causes why snoring happens, and from the cause, you can determine whether such chin strap truly works well or not. It’s an important thing to know because having a continuous snoring can lead into sickness.

Understanding the Cause

Talking about anti-snoring devices especially snoring chin strap, we need to understand the possible causes of the issue first. They both related since different cause need different solution.

Snoring happens because of several factors and causes. If you happen to sleep flat on your back and your mouth tends to stay open while sleeping, snoring can happen. When the mouth opens, the muscles around the neck and jaw become relax. It also makes the tongue go relax as well, so it will collapse and obstructing the air passage.

If you suffer from nasal blockage – either because of allergy or flu – you will likely open your mouth so you can breathe through it.

Snoring can also happen because the throat muscles are too weak and tend to collapse when the body is in relaxed situation.

It is also possible that snoring happens as a sign of other serious illness, such as sleep apnea.

Anti Snoring Chin Strap

Does Anti-Snoring Chin Strap Works?

The strap itself is particularly designed to be wrapped around the neck and the back. This can cause pressure because of the slightly displaced jaws.

However, it may help to create better airflow so that you can naturally breathe through the nose and not through the mouth. Again, if you are wondering if anti-snoring chin strap – does it work? You need to really look into the core of the cause.

If the problem happens because you have weak jaw or you tend to open up your mouth during sleeping, the chin strap could work very well.

However, if the issue happens because you have congested nasal or genetic weak throat muscle, the chin strap won’t provide much help. You really need to look into the core of the issue and see a specialist.


You also need to consider your own physical condition as well as the chin strap. If you suffer from a certain breathing issue, you have to open your mouth to be able to breathe during your sleep.

In this case, using the chin strap is not recommended and can be dangerous. It is because you won’t be able to open your mouth at all. The worst case, you may die from suffocation.

Some people also complain about the elasticity and the comfort issue of the strap, stating that it often moves or slides away, resulting in ineffective result.

There is also another thing to consider, the comfort. Some people are reported to feel discomfort when using the strap. Sometime, it gets even more uncomfortable during the night.


The anti-snoring chin strap can be a good choice for you who snore because your mouth wide open during the sleep. If this is not your main problem, this device might not help so much.

I’m not saying this device is bad, it’s just not a best option for most causes of snoring. In some cases chin straps may help to stop snoring. However, one thing you should remember before try one, ensure it is the right device for you.

There are two chin strap products that I recently found that are available to purchase online and quite popular. Those product are My Snoring Solution and SleepPro Chin Support Strap. Both of them might not the best, but I think worth a try.

If you still have questions concerning anti-snoring chin strap, it is better that you see a specialist right away. Asking a specialist is a best option dealing with snoring.

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